Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Hulsbosch rebrands corporate adviser McGrathNicol

McGrathNicol is an Australian legal and corporate advisory firm, a leader in its field in Australia and New Zealand that helps companies make better decisions. Yesterday, on July 28, it launched a new visual identity, created by Sydney-based agency Hulsbosch.

Hulsbosch say they have developed a brand strategy that communicates the firm's experience and commitments to its clients. Visually, the new logo is a monogram made up of the initials M and N drawn with multiple lines. These lines reflect the company's "diversity of their business offering in the marketplace" and appear throughout the identity in a display typeface.

Monday, July 28, 2014

4uatre opens up the Vegan Eden

Vegan Eden is a French company that offers biodegradable cleaning products for fruits and vegetables. Its first products include a washing solution and cleaning wipes. The brand identity was developed by French agency 4uatre.

4uatre say their design reflects the innovation and the inevitability of its products with "fun and recyclable" packaging.

Fighting oak leaf for Lithuania's Olympic team

Ahead of its participation in the Sochi Olympics earlier this year, the Latvian National Olympic Committee unveiled a new brand identity for its Olympic team. It was developed by Lithuanian design agency Milk.

The name of the Lithuanian Olympic team was abbreviated to "LTeam", using the Internet address shorthand for Lithuania. The new symbol had to bring some personality and a sense of Lithuania to the mark. Milk designed an oak tree leaf that also resembles a shield and a drawn sword. The oak tree is one of the symbols of Lithuania.

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

DixonBaxi sheds light on STV

STV is Scotland's leading commercial television channel, an affiliate of the ITV network carrying its defining programmes like Emmerdale, Dowtnon Abbey and Britain's Got Talent as well as local news and other programming. Recently, the entire group was given a revitalised corporate identity by London-based DixonBaxi.

The new look comes STV is expanding by launching two new local news channels in Edinburgh and Glasgow. DixonBaxi say they worked on "unearthing the spirit of what it means to be Scottish and imbuing the network with a ‘Big Life’ attitude". The previous logo has been revitalised and infused with dimensions and light. It comes colour-coded for different genres, channels and corporate divisions. On screen, the triangle flies around to shed light on different programmes in trailers or aspects of Sottish life in the idents. The typography is clear and sharp, using an altered version of FS Me as its corporate typeface.

Video game developer Santa Monica Studio unveils window logo

Santa Monica Studio is a videogame developer in Santa Monica owned by Sony Computer Entertainment and the developer of many games for the Sony Playstation console. Yesterday, it presented new visual identity.

As opposed to its predecessor and many other game developer logos, the new one is a bit more structured. It is centred around a simple flexible symbol that can be used as a window for different games.

Friday, July 18, 2014

Oxygen gets very real

Oxygen is an American cable TV network primarily targeted at women. It was launched back in 2000 and had Oprah Winfrey among its co-founders. Today, it is a property of Comcast/NBCUniversal who this week introduced a new logo for Oxygen.

The new logo is scheduled to launch on October 7 and comes with the tagline "Very real", describing a slate of new programming built around reality genre with programmes featuring "authentic, proudly imperfect and diverse characters with stories that are culturally relevant for young, modern women".

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Logo round-up: June 2014

Nescafé, Penguin Random House, the country of Poland, the Hague and several other entities revealed new logos this past June. Here's a round-up the most important among them.