Thursday, February 4, 2016

Tektronix refreshes its logo

Tektronix is an American manufacturer of electronic equipment for various purposes. It was originally founded in 1946 to manufacture oscilloscopes, which remains the product it is most associated with. This week it revealed a new logo to celebrate its 70th anniversary and take the company into the future.

The previous logo was introduced around 1991/1992. The new one is an updated version of it, keeping the angular line theme but incorporating it into the letter K and switching from serif to sans serif.

Monday, February 1, 2016

Eurovision Song Contest comes together through a dandelion


Last year's edition of the Eurovision Song Contest was won by the Swedish entry, which means Sweden will be hosting it this year. Although the contest has a generic Eurovision logo, each edition also has its own visual identity (referred to as 'theme art' by the organisers). A week ago, Swedish broadcaster SVT revealed the theme art for this years contest.

The slogan for this year's contest is "Come Together", reflecting how Europe comes together through the contest. The symbol is made up of dandelion seeds that join up to form a glistening ball as visual expression of the "Coming Together" concept.

The symbol was developed by Stockholm-based agency Ingo. On screen the symbol will be animated by a studio called Swiss and in-screen graphics are to be developed by Broken Doll. Both studios had the same tasks the last time Sweden hosted in 2013.

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Landor develops new Forcepoint brand for cybersecurity firm

Websense was an Austin-based Internet security company that provided web filtering and other services. Last year it was bought by defence contractor Raytheon, combined with similar assets and briefly renamed Raytheon|Websense. This month it was relaunched under the new name Forcepoint. The new name and identity was developed by Landor's San Francisco office.

The name should highlight the company's strength and focused approach. The brand's visual expression conveys "action, intelligence, and a heroic brand statement".

Friday, January 22, 2016

Logo round-up: December 2015

A final look back at 2015 with the logo round-up for December! A relatively small crop but with several interesting projects from around the world.

Thursday, January 21, 2016

Brandient brand unreasonably free energy drink

Romanian brand design agency Brandient has created the brand identity for a new energy drink from a Eastern European beverage distribution group. It is called 'Badster' and will target a young target audience looking for "unreasonable freedom".

The name Badster embodies an "intelligent and daring jerk" that is fiercely independent. At the center of the cans is a B monogram in the form of the number 13 through which different wild animals burst out.

Wednesday, January 20, 2016

DesignStudio helps launch Treatwell brand for beauty booking website

Wahanda, a European beauty salon booking website, was relaunched this week under the new name Treatwell. This sees the site adopt a unified and coherent identity across the ten countries where it operates.

The visual identity was developed by brand design agency DesignStudio. Applications use a bright mix of photography, illustrations and abstract lines that evoke movement.

Lippincott rebrands love publisher YourTango

YourTango is a publisher "focused on love and relationships", with a website where people can read about these subjects. Shortly before Christmas it relaunched its website with a new visual identity developed by Lippincott.

The odd heart-shape in the original logo has been replaced by a script logo that "speaks to the genuine, insightful and empathetic content the brand provides". It is flanked by a similarly linear heart illustration that can be used for various purposes.